January 2013

American Association for Psychoanalysis in Clinical Social Work

March 2013

Chicago Moms of Multiples

October 2013

New Zealand Multiples Birth Association Annual Conference


Fall 2012

Multiplicity Magazine  - “Ask Joan: One Classroom or Two?”

Spring 2012

Multiplicity Magazine - “Alone Time: Just Do It”

February 2012

TWINS Magazine - “Twin Etiquette 101 - Do’s and Dont’s”

January 2012 - “Twin Moms and Postnatal Blues”

September 2011 - “Contemplating College Choices for Your Twins”

Fall 2009

TWINS Magazine“The Mystique of Twinship”

Summer 2009

TWINS Magazine“School-Age Tweens”

September, 2008

American Baby“Managing Multiples”

August, 2008

Maryland Family“Double Dilemma”

March, 2008

Parent MagazineBook Review


July, 28 2008

Press Telegram – “Twins: Double Trouble, Single Solution”

June, 9 2008

The Post-Standard – “Treat Twins as Two Separate Children”

June, 5 2008

Severna Park Voice – “Parents of Twins Get Expert Advice”

May, 30 2008

Baltimore Examiner – “3 Minute Interview”

May, 22 2008

Maryland Gazette – “Parents of Multiples Share their Unique Challenges”

May, 22 2008

The Frederick News – “It’s Good to Be a Twin”

May, 21 2008

The Star-Ledger – “Multiple Choice: Expert Advises Parents to Treat Twins as Individuals”

March, 25 2008

Pittsburgh Tribune – “Twice as Nice and More”


November, 2012

Parents League of New York

July, 2012

NOMOTC Convention

February, 2012

Manhattan Twins Club

June, 12 2011

“Using Emotional Intelligence to Raise Compassionate and Resilient Children”

Dr. Friedman’s workshop will assist parents of twins in incorporating emotional intelligence to nurture twinships.

For more info (click here)

July, 20 2010

“The Beach Cities Parents of Multiples Association”

In the South Bay, Dr. Friedman addressed the members of BCPMA, regarding her philosophy

For more info (click here)

May, 18 2010

“Everything You Want To Know About Twins”

Don’t miss this rare gathering of six of the country’s top experts including Dr. Friedman, at UCLA. (watch video)

April, 28 2010

“Emotionally Healthy Twins”

In Madrid, Dr. Friedman addressed the members of AMAPAMU, regarding her philosophy. (watch video)

April, 22 2010

“Emotionally Healthy Twins”

In Istanbul, Dr. Friedman addressed the members IKIZANNELERIYIZ, regarding her philosophy. (watch video)

November, 20 2009

“Understanding The Emotional Dilemmas Of Twin Births”

The Motherhood Consortium in Tarzana, California

April, 18 2009

“Raising Emotionally Healthy Twins: Helping Multiples Thrive In A Singleton World”

Keynote Speaker: Colorado Parents of Multiples (CPOM) Convention 2009 in Curtis Hotel, Denver, Colorado

March, 20 2009

“SAMBA (South Africa Multiples Birth Association)”

Nedbank Auditorium, Sandton, South Africa


July, 23 2008

The Parents Journal segment with host Bobbi Conner

May, 24 2008

WFUV Cityscape segment with host George Bodarky


July, 27 2008

The Fox & Friends Sunday show with host Alisyn Camerota

May, 4 2007

The Rachael Ray Show with host Rachael Ray


June, 15 2010

Twin Coach“Nurturing Individuality”

September, 12 2008

iParenting“Twin Toddler Toys”

June, 15 2008“Parents of Twins Should Give Each a Sense of Self”

June, 5 2008

About.comBook Review

May, 21 2008

Bella OnlineBook Review

April, 25 2008

Brooklyn Daily Eagle “Spotlight on the Emotional Life of Twins”

March, 24 2008

Multiple Births FamiliesBook Review

January, 8 2008

LibraryJournal.comBook Review